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    garena messenger update (build 11067) wont update CRC failure help! please

    garena messenger update (build 11067) wont update CRC failure help! please

    hello guys...

    i really need some help here.... ive done all different things of how to make it work of some forum threads that had been posted here.... but it still dont work

    when i update it just up to 66% file type the7tw.bmp file.... and a pop up error which is

    update is not finished due to a connection problem or CRC failure. Please try again later...

    do any one of you guys had the same problem just like mine? with the build 11067?

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    hi guys i really need some help here..... please do help me thanks

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    Reinstall the latest version from www.garena.com.
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    ive done that already many times but it still wont work T_T

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    cannot update...

    cannot update...

    i've downloaded garena messanger but still it isn't updated..when i open it, it still needs an update but the same thing happens.it ends up in 66% and cannot update further..

    need some reply pls. thanks

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    yea same as me...

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    closed saver ?....... i don"t play

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