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    My Suggestion for HoN 2017

    My Suggestion for HoN 2017

    Here are my two suggestions for HoN this year.:

    -Update client. League is going to have a new client soon.
    -Do more Hero reworks - visual, kit, etc.

    That's all.

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    Agreed. HoN's client needs some more love <3
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    Dragon Ball Super characters to be brought in HoN

    Dragon Ball Super characters to be brought in HoN

    Could you pleease include the Dragon Ball Super characters in HoN as alternate avatars of several heroes like the ff:

    1. Majin Buu as Devourer (suits him very well. So perfect for Devourer)

    2. Hit as Chronos (it's okay to make his attacks by fists and kicks. The time leap must be extra damn special as well as his time lock ... and backtrack ...and a violet chronofield!)

    3. Vegeta as Artillery (making vegeta as a range hero firing small energy blasts as his auto-attacks. All artillery's skills suit vegeta's madness and anger.)

    4. Whis as Pearl
    (Suits her skills very well. So perfect for Pearl.)

    5. Piccolo as Artesia
    (Making piccolo as range and his ultimate would be a clone of himself.. you would know if he is on healing or damaging form as his look changes.)

    6. Child Goku as Monkey King (just as how the UA Sun Wukong looks but it's the child goku, of course. Make him cute!)

    7. Son Goku as Wretched Hag (i don't like him being range, but the skills suit Hag's. The blink as the instant transmission. The ultimate as the kame-hame-ha. I know you'll have a better idea.)

    8. Son Goku as Mage Bane
    (Just as I said I don't really like him being range, so you could just make him attack with fists and kicks.. but the ultimate?...hmm)

    9. Frieza as Klanx
    (I really really really recommend Frieza as Klanx... He would be so cool as he would fly with his squad... while firing violet rays and beams as auto-attacks.... looks so evil, right??)

    10. Beerus, the God of Destruction as Rally
    (You must make him cool. You could make his Compel look great by adding an exploding violet aura, the Roar with a strong look, and the Ultimate with a really really cool violet effect.)

    11. Gotenks as King Klout
    (Well... Gotenks' cloning technique is suitable for King Klout's minions... maybe make minions like gotenks that would follow him... and just fire an energy blast anywhere for his Ultimate."

    12. Trunks as Swiftblade
    (The future Trunks wielding a sword is really nice to be an alternate avatar. Slicing enemies with his Ultimate... just add an aura when he does it, so it would look cool."

    13. Trunks as Scout
    (His ultimate must be his Final Flash. He would fly straight to the target when upgraded by Staff of the Master)

    There would be an extra damn special aura for each of them once the you bought the whole set.

    ....Cause I believe you could do it just like on how you've brought the One Punch Man characters in HON.

    Please consider my suggestion! We, as Anime fans, will be really glad.

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