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    Night Hound

    Night Hound

    please change nighthound skill 2 (Pounce)
    Target a unit to teleport to it, change to Target a unit to teleport to behind it
    because night hound now is so useless

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    it's simply no. NH is fine as it is now.
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    Hey pebbles is imbalance cooldown skill, stun 20sec, then toss maybe 10sec, i think they should realize what happen to pebbles.
    They should rework like pebbles in [CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN] 2, who's agree with me??

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    Gunblade missile speed 1200 that call this agility or intelligence, so slow projectile attack, then Flint Beastwood missile speed 3000, come on don't make gunblade
    Hero to be useless, he's top number 1 my favorite hero, is this a logic because he is a carry, not intelligence hero, so i hope u guys can realize that thank you.

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    Requesting to close this thread for posting irrelevant comments + this is old.

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    As requested, closed.
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