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    (Hero) The Peace Envoy - Heydi

    (Hero) The Peace Envoy - Heydi

    Hello, it's me again.Hope you enjoy and give imagination to my new heroes draft haha.

    As a peace envoy from the legion, Heydi like to help her believers divine them fate for the future. She can't help them change the fate but she can tell them to prevent the disaster. But one day, the King Jeraziah ask her to help him divine the fate for the legion future, she saw a woman bring so much dragon from Hellbourne and come to defeat the legion. She can't heard anything but the woman name, Calamity. Heydi decided to help the King Jeraziah to defeat the Hellbourne in this moment, she promised she can bring back the peace as before for the legion.

    Legion Intelligence Female Hero

    Attack Damage: 41-46
    Attack Range: 600 (1800 projectile speed|1.65 BAT)
    Movement Speed: 295
    Armor: 3.00
    Magic Armor: 4.00

    Strength: 20(+1.8)
    Agility: 18 (+1.4)
    Intelligence: 25(+2.5)

    [First ability]
    (Q) Blessing Flower(Target Location - Magic, Enemies > Magic, Allies)

    Heydi spawns a Blessing Pod at a target location,which starts with 1 health at all level. The pod will assimilate nutrient from the nearby enemies, dealing a maximum 150/200/250/300 Magic Damage (Dealing half damage to Non-heroes unit ) in the radius within 3 sec. Pod will gain all the half of damage to health with a maximum 200/300/400/500 health. It will bursts after the 3 sec to create a Blessing Flower. Blessing Flower will distribute pollen in the same area,after 1 sec delay starts to heal allies (heal the half value to Non-heroes unit) with how many health the pod had within 3 sec.

    • Range: 600
    • Radius: 400
    • Cast Time: 0.5 sec
    • Cooldown: 15 sec
    • Mana Cost: 75/100/125/150
    • Required Level: 1 / 3 / 5 / 7

    ~For example: Pod deal the Maximum damage to Calamity(300) and deal Maximum damage to Non-HU(150). So the pod will gain 300+150=450/2=225, after that the flower will heal Jeraziah(225) and heal Non-HU(112.5).
    If Jeraziah walk in the area after the heal started 2 sec, so he only can heal the amount in last 1 sec (75).
    ~Pod can't be target or kill.
    ~All unit can leave the area easily without any CC or disable skill.

    [Second ability]
    (W) Gentle Light (Random Target - Magic, Allies and Enemies)

    Heydi used the World Tree's leaf to heal 1/2/2/3 allies units 20/30/40/50 in the radius randomly,but the heroes inside the radius will take precedence.

    • Radius: 450 radius around Heydi
    • Cast Time: 0.2 sec
    • Cooldown: 1.5 sec
    • Mana cost: 20/30/40/50
    • Required Level: 1/3/5/7

    ~Heal effect will applies to low health units at first . Can applies to Heydi and right click this skill to auto cast.

    [Third ability]
    (E) Benediction Hearts (Passive, No Target, Magic)
    Passive: When all the units death , they will got a 50% (Heroes was 100%)to drop a Benediction Hearts on the ground and last for 15/20/25/30 sec . Both side Heroes can pickup the hearts and heal 2.5/5/7.5/10% of the death unit's maximum health .

    • Radius: 450 radius around Heydi
    • Cast Time: 0 sec
    • Cooldown: 0 sec
    • Mana cost: 0
    • Required Level: 1/3/5/7

    ~For example: When Jeraziah death and with a 1000 health, so the Benediction Hearts will heal the picker (1000/10=)100 health.
    ~That's only need to walk around and will be auto take the hearts in a 50 touch radius when a heroes nearby.

    [Fourth ability]
    (R) Peace Envoy (Passive, Magic)
    Passively imbues each of the Heydi basic three skill with a 5 sec Cherish, when Heydi' skill heal an ally heroes. (All skill got their owned Cherish duration.)
    Cherish: When Heydi combine 3 different basic heal skill'Cherish to an ally heroes in a 5 sec limit time (affect herself), it will applies 'Through Thick And Thin' to their.
    'Through Thick And Thin' :It inflict to heal 100/175/250, increase their 15/20/25% movement speed for 3 sec, and remove debuffs. This effect only can active every 25 sec on the same target. When this skill reach to level 3, all the heal skill from Heydi will change to Superior Magic.

    • Cast Time: 0
    • Cooldown: 0
    • Mana Cost: 0
    • Required Level: 4/8/12

    ~ For example: When Jeraziah got a Kuldra's Sheepstick debuffs or disable skill from enemies, he can't take the hearts from Heydi skill 3. But if he take the hearts before he got a debuffs , so he can deserve the ultimate from Heydi.

    ~Heydi skill 4's Cherish effect, if her skill 2 and skill 3 heal a same target within 5 sec , it can't stack the time but will be reset to 5 sec.
    ~If the target got a 'Through Thick And Thin' from Heydi skill 4 before, their with not applies 'Through Thick And Thin' again with ANY REASON. The only way to inflict the skill again only can wait after a 25 sec cooldown. So the skill will not OP at all and Superior Magic Heal can make her more effective at late game, because late game so much player buy shrunken head its make her hard to heal teammate.
    ~Thank you for read my new heroes draft again.Hope you enjoy my draft and please give me a comment below.
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    better formatting did you put here than before.

    Statistics: Considering the base attack speed is quite fast, I suggest to reduce the attack damage by 12 (41-46 damage)
    [Q] ability: good ability. No comment at moment.
    [W] ability: Spammable pure heal you put here. No need to be commented at moment.
    [E] ability: I don't know why you put 100% in dropping the effect. Perhaps it should be 50 touch radius for allies to get the heart and the heart lasts 15/30/45/60 seconds.
    I think it's unneeded to make enemy press [A] button to attack the heart, to make it like booby traps and enemy should get effect when touching the heart radius.
    [R] ability: you should explain what are through thick and thin effect and also cherish effect.

    Those are from me.
    Sorry for my awful English

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    Hi datfizh, sry on my mistake. I have to changed my skill already, because yesterday i got something to do and i think i make this thread completely, so i close my computer haha. That's why the ultimate only i know what i want haha. I love the idea from my skill 1, that's was unique i think. Thank you so much to give me suggestion. O(∩_∩)O

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    no need to be commented at moment, just passing by and perhaps you can make some ideas to this forum to be commented by me.
    Sorry for my awful English

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