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    The Forum and You

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    The Forum and You

    All Forum Rules apply.
    Posts that do not contribute to the discussion will be deleted immediately.

    Greetings, Heroes!

    If you have any suggestions, comments, and any other things related to the improvement of the forums, please leave them here! I'll be constantly reading and replying in this thread, so shoot 'em!

    Reminder: Please keep everything constructive.
    Forum Moderators are not Garena employees. My posts in no way represent the view of Garena or any of its staff.

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    Improvements on the Garena Heroes of Newerth Forums (SEA)

    It is not a secret that the forum has observed a decrease in quality, activity, and reliability the past few months, or so. In line with this, I have constructed a proposal, which contains a few changes that may improve the forum in any of the three aforementioned facets.

    1. Forum Restructure and Redesign

    Currently, the forum is filled with threads that don’t belong to wherever sub-forum they should be e.g. technical questions in the general sub-forum, suggestions in the competitive forum, and the like.

    What we can do:
    Create an archive to store all of the existing threads in the forum. This will provide the moderators and staff a clean slate to work with.
    Remove all of the unnecessary (and forgotten) sub-forums i.e. the outdated sub-forums in the Tournaments and Events forum.
    Redesign (aesthetic) the forum and arrange the categories based on importance from the most to the least important.

    This will clear all the clutter, cleaning up the forums and giving the players, as well as the moderators and staff, a clean slate to work and play around with.

    2. Community Events and Prizes

    Forum activity has lessened since the community events were discontinued. Introducing weekly events will urge players to visit the forum more often, thus, increasing forum activity.

    What we can do:
    Introduce the return of weekly events in the forum, rewarding players for winning and participating.
    Increase the prizes for the events to entice the players, new and old, to join in and participate in the discussion(s).

    With this change, the forum will surely attract more players, reviving it and sparking up constructive discussions about Heroes of Newerth.

    3. Moderators and Staff

    This is a minor change, but all inactive staff must be removed and the single way for them to re-join the team is to re-apply. Currently, many inactive moderators still have access to the moderation tools, etc. Also, the moderation team is currently understaffed. Opening moderator applications will easily solve this problem.

    What we can do:
    Remove moderation powers from inactive moderators and staff.

    4. News and Announcements

    Currently, the players think of the forum as “unreliable” due to the delay of announcements. If all the news and announcements in the forum are up-to-date, then players will choose to visit the forum daily for the latest information regarding the game.

    What we can do:
    Synchronize all the announcements with the other regions of the game.
    Moderators can be informed of upcoming events and announcements ahead of time for them to prepare an announcement and post them on time.

    These changes will make the forum more efficient and more reliable. This will also help out clear all the backlogged work and clutter in the forums, giving the existing team a clean slate to work with.

    For more information and clarification, you may contact me through:

    Garena+: Ex-626
    Facebook: facebook.com/erica626
    E-mail: hon_gamer626@yahoo.com
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    I'd say that this forum need someone like that guy above my post.

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    i would say all effort for this forum is meaningless, until SEA have budget from other related Garena games to support and willing to hire at least 1 staff as Game Master to handle.
    Since Jinn left, the GMs who update the Patch , Promo and Events (only) is from Thailand. Who actually taking over SEA as "smurf" task.
    Been pay for Thailand side, then everything about SEA is later after done their own side.

    I am not saying GMTH or G-TH is treating SEA bad, it's just that the truth SEA not able to make profit.
    What recently TH servers been shutdown, everyone can very sure how many pay customers are actually from SEA. That just less than 10k.
    For more clear understanding, the 10k players who online from SEA are PH (the most players) + MY + IND + SG & VN (which the least players).
    Thailand has about 60k players, and majority are WTP customers.

    Conclusion for this thread is temporarily will not be able to make any single changes. Dwayne had become "The Last Man Standing".
    Recruitment is close until new GM for MYSG being hire.

    I am not making you guys feeling totally hopeless, but for now, really can't do anything but hope will have new replacement of GM. For minor matters and issues related to technical things, all of you can help each other if there's someone asking for help. Latest information, many of you been practice to rely on TH updates instead hon.garena.com. Even all MODS are still active, situation is still the same. No GM, mean everything is stucked.
    (e.g. Abuse Report & On-Time Events and Promotions updates)
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    (I'll be here if there's any Major, Serious Technical Issues, Server connections and Annual Major Tournament)

    Any urgent and major issue that were not being entertain, you may highlight the matters again at below Facebook link
    Garena Heroes of Newerth SEA
    (Please use English)

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    I'm hoping that hon and garena will hear my plea.
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    My mmr is bag no resfund

    My mmr is bag no resfund

    Mmr is not resfunding

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    GM's please read this thread because it's for the good of all HON players in SEA .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex-626 View Post
    GM's please read this thread because it's for the good of all HON players in SEA .
    Except there are no GMs around to bother reading this.

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