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    Plinko Promotion (Old School +Sales) Event

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    Plinko Promotion (Old School +Sales) Event

    Dear Heroes,

    For a limited time, we will be having a special Plinko Promotion for you to enjoy! Here are the details:

    • Plinko settings: Old school series (Bronze Box will be changed to "Avatars Only" within the price range of 200-350 GC)
    • Plinko price: 30 GC per spin

    This promotion will last starting from 19 Aug, 1200hrs GMT+7 until 24 Aug, 2359hrs GMT+7.

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    where can i check plinko chest's prize pool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjahyo View Post
    where can i check plinko chest's prize pool?
    i guess only the Bronze box changed at all ^^ same rewards for the other chests ^^

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    It is a very good advice. Thank you very much
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