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    HoN 2.0 Alternative Hero Avatars

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    HoN 2.0 Alternative Hero Avatars

    Want your hero to be different from others? HoN 2.0 let's you customize your hero with alternative avatars. The alternative avatars change the hero model, texture, and some even the hero voices!

    Below is a video showcasing the various hero avatars available in HoN 2.0 in game store

    So which one do you like? Personally I like the Scorpion Magmus best

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    so agree with what you said!!!!

    2 thumbs up!

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    I like thatsexy moon queen!!!!
    P.S Can't see night hound though is it bugged?

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    LOL that nighthound is like on his stealth.. come on. get the joke?

    anyway. Thumbs up for that comment, i've been waiting for the patch since it went out in int hon.

    IMO the best alt skin is.. el gauntlete :3

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    hermmm actually they shows NH alt skin...i bet u dint watch that video until end rite ??....hehe....it at the last scene..after "describe my channel"

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    how to customize in hon .>?

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    When will it be out ?

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    It'll be out with the next update. Estimatedly, late Feb.
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    wit next update tat dev b4 this also got dy

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    soulstealer FTW

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    we'll get 2.0 by march with these alt skins.

    and no dampeer, hammer alt etc.

    and oh, pyros' alt skin sucks. seriously.

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    Bubbles become Turtle Ninja!

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    i want yurnero and kraken skin!!

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    Night Hound's teen version looks neat... I loled at it at first but he's shown on the end of the video.. Trolololol! XD

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    In my opinion sure there were some cool-looking ones like the female alts or Cannon Bombardier or Pollywog chieftan [which both, along with scorpion Magmus and female Pyro, were all earlier preview designs] but the most of 'em, they just went too far. I mean, an NH that wears jersey, a sexy schoolgirl Succubus, pimp Witch Slayer, or luchador Gauntlet? The clown Dev was bad enough. What I'm saying is, the nonsense alts just makes HoN lose its "HoN-ness". They should've made alts that would actually fit into HoN world, y'know what I mean. That's what I see in my perspective. Hope no one gets offended or reacts noobly or such.

    [peace out]

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    I love Empath Alt Avatar I will be the first to buy it, Patch this to 2.0 now ffs.

    i kid i kid, u know I'm patient

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    bug NH wtf how much the change skin of heroes?

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    some may cost 300 pesos, dun worry skin like naughty succ and bubbles ninja is 260 pesos. lol

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    update 2.0 early pleased,Garena.I want buy some alvatar as: Raven Soulstealer

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    what i hope is its affordability

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