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    Request Replay is ERROR? or Failure?

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    Request Replay is ERROR? or Failure?

    I hope you guys fix this problem, cause it is sh1tt1ng me!.. why philippines can't download replay games? even now..
    I have a big gameplay but the replay always says FAILURE?.. wHYYYY.. please fix PHILIPPINES request replay . I want to post some of my big play to my friends..

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    I understand your frustration - like you who have big plays as I play regularly, also share the same dilemma but at the moment its not working.

    It has already been raised and all we can do at this point is wait for an answer.

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    i always get failure too whenever i want to watch a replay

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    Quote Originally Posted by entrymix View Post
    i always get failure too whenever i want to watch a replay
    same here
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    Yeah. They say it was because players from Ph does not fully support the game by not buying shells, I dunno if it was true. But still, we demand equal rights.

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    Every country has equal rights. Favoritism is the biggest question here :O

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