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    Quote Originally Posted by zack1416 View Post
    Post your IGN bro. Will add you up.
    My IGN is in my Sig.


    I'm online Mondays - Saturdays 7PM - 10PM +8 GMT. Sundays Whole Day

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    I'm around 2020 MW MMR now, second highest among all the players that I've seen. However ... I know curiously few good players, and often I can't put together a queue with enough good players such that we can pick at will and still win easily. There aren't enough players for me to form a strong team if Garena ever organizes a MW tournament too (come on, do so already). So bump, and LF more serious MW players.

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    At 2055 MMR I'm the second highest-rated player in the server - at least, if there are higher-rated players, they never play on SG servers. However I don't have enough good friends. The number of people I know who can play at 2k+ level is less than ten. Doesn't help either that Ultranumbzz doesn't log on anymore (zzz). I can put together 5qs, but they're not nearly as dominant over the competition as the 5qs I remember from the international client.

    So bump, and LF more serious MW players.

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    I'm at 2079-2080 MMR now and the highest in the server by a fair margin, but I just don't have players whom I can trust to watch my back to play with. At the moment there is only one other such player, and he's not always online. Other players are decent, but not to the point where I can e.g. pick Swiftblade and believe that my teammates will either compensate for my weak hero pick with appropriate hero picks (almost nobody knows how to draft a lineup ...) or to carry me. The situation is such that I barely want to play at all.

    LF other serious MW players to queue with. I can be difficult to queue with, but I can practically guarantee that you'll get better simply by playing with me, especially if you ask me questions about the format.

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    I formed a clan, BUX2, which is the smallest of the MW clans in Garena (at the moment only three people). On the other hand the top two players in the server by MW MMR are both in the clan.

    The best kind of players I'm looking for are those I can trust to watch my back when I pick bottom-tier heroes like Ophelia - the kind who not only understand how a lineup works, but also what the roles of each player should be. It's unlikely there are many players at this level, but if you're willing to learn, that's good as well.

    PM me in-game or post here.

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    If you play serious MW you've probably met me by now, but still, if you're interested by all means let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinde View Post

    If you play serious MW you've probably met me by now, but still, if you're interested by all means let me know.
    how to check midwar mmr ? i often que MW and sometimes meet you in MW
    just found ur post, now i take MW more seriously but always got noob teammate when solo que im Gong2_laut already in ur Friend list

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