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    Short Intro To Attack and Exclusive Modifiers

    Short Intro To Attack and Exclusive Modifiers

    This guide is dedicated to all the people who have crazy APM (which I can't even reach)

    This guide is a simple introduction to the replacement of [CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN]'s Orb Effects:

    HoN's Attack and Exclusive Modifiers

    Unlike [CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN]'s Orb Effects which are all un-stackable and needs a special trick to switch between different Orb Effects, HoN provides us with Attack and Exclusive Modifiers.

    These items and abilities provide our Heroes' attacks with an additional UMPH! of pain as they inflict various effects.

    Exclusive Modifiers stack with each other but they do not stack with themselves. Which means you are able to use Thunderclaw and Nullfire Blade together, getting a mana burn effect with a chance of procuring chain lightning.

    Attack Modifiers on the other hand do not stack but however HoN features a simple system in which it allows you to switch between active Attack Modifiers by simply pressing the [<] and [>] keys (these are the default buttons for shifting through your Attack Modifiers).

    One of the viable tactics in the competitive scene, especially during the late games is to switch between various Attack Modifiers with each attack, thus inflicting an array of debuffs or effects.

    For example:

    Arachna's first hit will have her Webbed Shot Attack Modifier
    Before her 2nd attack is thrown out, she turns off Webbed Shot and lets it use the Frostwolf's Skull's Attack Modifier
    (Take note that these two different slows do indeed stack)
    During her 3rd attack she shifts her Attack Modifier to the Shield Breaker effect
    At her fourth attack she shifts it to a lifesteal effect to stay alive
    Then redoes the entire cycle until her target dies.
    As you can see it is quite possible to do such things in HoN however your fleetness is tested as you need a quick reaction time to change the effects of your attack on the spot.

    List of Different Attack and Exclusive Modifiers

    ================================================== ========
    Take note that Attack Modifier cycling is not a recommended strategy for
    those who are still new to the game and or the concept of multiple effect
    attacks. As with any strategy, it has its ups and downs.
    ================================================== ========

    ================================================== ========
    Concerning Multiple Target Attacks (Moon Queen's Bouncing Attack and Forsaken's Split)

    Multiple Target Attacks have different outcomes when it comes to Modifiers
    and thanks to the source shared by Nyx, here is a list of modifiers that proc on all targets:

    ================================================== ========
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    This is not complete, a wall of text.

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    I think this is a good start, cause he did mention "Short Intro" and not "Full Guide"

    Good effort kerespup
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    There's a mod that automatically switches between Attack Modifiers if you have more than one, not sure where to find it, though. I'm also not sure if it is illegal now.

    Nice read, I'd like to see a long guide.

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    Moved to Drafts for now.

    keres, I'm not sure if you're still going to add to the guide, it would really be cool if you let us know if the guide is finished so I can decide if I move it out of Drafts or not.

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    Some clarification to the Split Fire mechanics on modifiers
    While I am at it, I might aswell tell you guys that following items will only proc on your MAIN TARGET.

    - Thunderclaw
    - Charged Hammer
    - Riftshard
    - Lifesteal (while the animation is misleading, there is no additional lifesteal occurring)

    These items can occur on any target.

    - Brutalizer
    - Savage Mace

    Brutalizer will only proc once, on a single target of the four, unlike Savage Mace which can proc +100 damage on all four targets.

    These items will occur on all targets (except if at least 1 of the target evades the shot, of course; then that target will not receive the debuff)

    - Icebrand
    - Frostburn
    - Frostwolf's Skull
    - Shieldbreaker
    - Harkon's Blade (Attacks to the side target are Magic)
    - Nullfire Blade
    - Logger's Hatchet

    Harkon's Blade will only take mana as if you hit a single target.
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    naise guide...

    Quote Originally Posted by recks92 View Post
    This is not complete, a wall of text.
    it has paragraphs, not wall of text

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    Will edit this when I get home tomorrow

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    Finished Editing, and also, take note that this is supposed to be a short introduction.

    Not a Picture Book with Popups.

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