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    Malaysia Singapore HoN Championship 2013

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    Malaysia Singapore HoN Championship 2013

    Right after the huge success of the Garena Star League in Thailand, we’re having this planned out more for you! Following The Malaysia HoN National Championships, this year, 2013 will see both Malaysia and Singapore in this grand year long league. We’re calling up all HoN players residing in either Malaysia or Singapore to get ready to vie for the riches that the Champion will hold. The Malaysia Singapore HoN Championship 2013 (MSHC 2013) will be the first inter-country year long running HoN league to be hosted by Garena with a vast amount of cash prize of RM100,000. The MSHC2013 is designed into a cycle of qualifiers which would help weed out the stronger HoN teams and furthermore help the newer or underdog teams gain the necessary experience which they require in competitive gaming.
    MSHC 2013 will be comprised of 8 qualifying rounds which will be divided into 2 quarters, the first quarter is set to take place on April till July and the second part of the segment starts from August till October; the first runner up and champion of each qualifier will be entitled to a midyear tournament, the idea is to keep qualified teams on their toes, cash prizes are to be won and it won't affect any qualification status for the Grand Finals.

    The final online elimination round will take place in December with the remaining 16 teams which went through the qualifier to weed out the top 8 teams to compete in the Grand Final.

    Grand Final Prizes

    Titles Prizes
    Champion MYR 40, 000
    1st Runner up MYR 15, 000
    2nd Runner up MYR 5,000
    3rd Runner up MYR 1,000
    4th Runner up MYR 500
    5th Runner up MYR 500
    6th Runner up MYR 500
    7th Runner up MYR 500

    MSHC 2013 Qualifiers
    Titles Prizes
    (MY Qualifier)
    (SG Qualifier)
    Champion MYR 2,000 SGD 800
    1st Runner up MYR 1,000 SGD 400
    2nd Runner up MYR 200 SGD 100
    3rd Runner up MYR 100 SGD 50

    **Per qualifier**

    Tournament Format:

    Game Format:
    Single Elimination, Finals - Best of 3

    Game Mode:
    Captain's Pick
    Map: Forests of Caldavar
    Team Size: 5 Vs 5
    Game Options: Tournament Rules
    Maximum Teams: 32 Teams

    Registration Fee: Free Of Charge

    1st Quarter ( April – July )
    2nd Quarter ( August – October )


    7 x Qualifiers over 4 states in Malaysia
    1 x Qualifier in Singapore
    * Actual location TBC

    Take the opportunity to get involved with the first year long league set in 2 separate regions, even if you might have not made it to the top but you'd definitely not want to miss this once in a life time chance! Stay tuned for more information!

    For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to send an email to myhontourney@garena.com or contact 012-3948223.
    Thank You!

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    Hi, i would like to know whether any qualifier gonna be in sabah?

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    agree....i wait for a long time .....the gm dont know....about underground hon tour in sabah.....

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    why dont they have at least 2 qualifiers in SG? Its an ' SG vs MY ' competition. We should at least have a fair representation of teams from both countries..

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    hmm how to join this tournament?what day u want and at where???

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    gusto ko mag 1on1 na magaling please

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    7 x Qualifiers over 4 states in Malaysia
    1 x Qualifier in Singapore

    It says there's only 1 Qualifier in Singapore isn't that a little unfair for us? Could you guys reconsider making it maybe 2 or 3 Qualifiers for Singapore? Because there are 7 Qualifiers over 4 states, why not make it 3 for Singapore fair for us?

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    any registration fee?

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    Phillpine Players

    Phillpine Players

    why phillipine are not in the clash of the nation? wew many good players are in the phil

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    GM Yuyu I dont mean to be rude but could you answe me and Junelly? We don't understand why there's only 1qualifier for Singapore.Especially since Team Impunity (The Top team in Singapore) is allowed to play and the rest of the teams would not have a high chance of winning. Consider this. I'm sure many people disagree to this single qualifier as well. You guys should give other team a chance for example Clan [CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN] Brixs who are as strong but might not stand a chance because there is only 1qualifier.

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    When come to johor?

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    are u sure that were in

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    Hi birotbirot,

    Can i have your team name?

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    keren tpi kayak mna mainnya

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    hi can u help me if how to join on tour
    nament online?

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