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    HoN stuck despite Login successful??

    HoN stuck despite Login successful??

    I can play in the afternoon, but when i logout. I cant login again. HELP PLS
    I have been stuck here for hours already. lol
    UPDATE: I think this is the problem. I found this in my logs. but couldnt find a way to solve it
    Error : /ui/scripts/regions.lua :602: attempt to call method 'HonMainF' (a nil value) '
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    i have teh same problem... I've to reinstall it but it doesnt work pls.. help us..

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    I have same problem too.. i try to reinstall but never work.
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    I also have the same problem. I want to play! But I cant! It was working fine YESTERDAY! Now today its STUCK at the LOGIN SCREEN

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    same problem! Any GM in here??!!!!

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    Gm!! Get your ass up and start fixing our problem!!!! Everybody is having the same problem!!! Stop slacking!!

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    Please fkin do something!! This is getting my nerve!

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    i've been waiting for an answer about this error. i updated my video card driver. i uninstall-install hon and update it. but still the same.
    i'thought my account has a problem but when i tried another account. it is still the same...

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    update please

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    update please

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    wlang silbi..!we spend money for the game..we have this error yet no reply..?what are FMs doing?playing?chatting?no fm/tech moderator replied the ts..i also have this error since the recent patch 3.0.6..

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    fms are online but they give no attention to our problems..[CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN][CENSORED BY ADMIN]!

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    guys you may want to try to post at this thread: http://forum.hon.garena.com/showthread.php?40448-2-26-13-Failed-to-connect-to-chat-server. Maybe they can help with your problem

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    i guess this has something to do with ip ban?but how can i play hon again?are there some steps to be released from ip banning?

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    ip ban? hello i am playing here in the philippines and i don't even do anything that will be against the rules. So i don't really know why in the heaven i get this kind of error. i want to play now and not to waste time waiting

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    Try these quick fixes:

    Are you using proxies? If yes close them.
    Are you playing outside SEA? If yes you cannot play in SEA servers.
    Are you using any HoN MODS? If yes, remove them.
    Did you change any settings? If yes, delete Heroes of Newerth (Garena) folder for My Documents
    Did not work? Try reinstalling.
    Currently not-MIA

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    hello sir dotmiko..im from philippines...im not using anyone of those being mentioned...i also tried reinstalling the game..but nothing happened..
    i missed playing hon..plsssssssss...

    my friend told me that it just happened after the 3.0.6 patch..:'(

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    Delete The Heroes of Newerth (Garena) folder from my computer then reinstall.
    Currently not-MIA

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    yes sir..i already did it..thnx a lot..ill buy prisoner 9455555555555555555555.!!weeeeeeeeeeeee

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    just online now and i will try what u said sir dotmiko~hopefully this will fix my problem. thank you sir for replying

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