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    AbsoluteZero Looking for mid tier scrims.

    AbsoluteZero Looking for mid tier scrims.

    Introduction : Hello , i am yjin` from clan AbsoluteZero . looking for mid tier teams to scrim/practice against us.

    Usually free on friday nights ,saturdays and sundays .

    Time: friday ( 8~11ish) pm saturday and sunday will be free mostly at night / evening

    Player to contact in game:`Bukkake , Zeratul` , Yjin`

    MMR range ; 1650 ~ 1780

    Feel free to join our team chat , Clan Absolute Zero , or join the channel scrim to set up dates/times to scrim.
    PS. im not very active in forums so might not see forums posts, best to just add me up in game or pm me in game.

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    If you do see this, My Clan Catastrophe is looking for a scrimmage as well. Im PeaceKiller and i will be in ur clan channel. do pop an IM to me. A message on the chat channel to me and i may not see it.

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    HAHa LOL Andre

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    I am not completely sure on when we're gonna be available, but in any case am interested with scrimming with you guys.

    IGN : _GrafEisen`
    Clan : Dotmpeg [mpeg]
    Clan channel : /j clan dotmpeg

    Just contact me there and I'm sure we can set something up.
    "Chill, cus we got this."
    Name : _GrafEisen`
    Stats : Click

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    still looking for matches daily 7pm~11pm ish , join my clan chat too set up times

    /j Clan Absolute Zero


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    Hi, I joined your chatroom and I don't see much players there.

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    Hi Fairsianz from SG here. Are you interested to have a scrim match (best out of 3/5) this saturday around 8pm? Or any other time you are comfortable with. Do let me know. Thank

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