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    HoN crash

    HoN crash

    I keep on getting the k2 exception whenever I start the Heroes of Newerth client.

    11/5/2010, 23:49:34
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional 32-bit (5.1, Build 2600)
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.60GHz
    Memory: 1024MB RAM
    Page File: 481MB used, 1982MB available
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

    DMP file: http://www.mediafire.com/?51rma8n3p3a9w3z

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    Tech support's pretty slow =\

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    i am having the same problem here..admins pls help!!

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    try this way
    According to [S2]JamesTowN there are the following reasons for most of the recent common crashes:

    1) Crashes due to ATI drivers - atiumdag.dll (nothing we can currently do about this)

    2) Crashes due to particles not being allocated properly (not enough memory to allocate new ones)

    3) Crashes occurring when unpacking files from the resources0.s2z or textures.s2z file (not enough memory to extract the file to memory)

    4) Crashes due to drawing foliage (not enough memory to allocate new ones)
    He also suggested the following steps to try in order to get rid of the crashes until they can permanently fix your problem:

    In Game Fixes:

    1) Disable MODS!! All of them!!

    2) Turn down most of your graphics settings to the lowest settings via Options -> Graphics:
    Anti-Aliasing: None
    Texture Filtering: Bilinear
    Frame Queuing: un-checked
    Vertical Sync: un-checked

    Model Quality: Low
    Shader Quality: Low
    Shadow Quality: Disabled
    Display Foliage: un-checked
    Dynamic Lights: un-checked
    Reflections: un-checked
    Refraction: un-checked
    Post Processing: un-checked

    3) Options -> Interface -> Disable Background Effects: checked

    4) Play in windowed mode instead of full screen mode.

    5) Options -> Graphics -> Exclusive Mode On or Off. Play a few games with it on, and a few with it off and see if you notice one being more stable.

    6) Restarting the client after each match is a painful but it should help in some of these instances.

    7) Options -> Sound -> Disable All Sounds: checked OR use sound_disable true *

    * press Ctrl+F8 to open the console and type in the command -> hit Enter -> press Ctrl+F8 again to close the console
    Of course you should also try the usual actions to fix common problems:
    Out of Game Fixes:
    1) Update your video drivers (nVidia / ATI / Intel)
    2) Update DirectX
    3) In Windows, add the command /3GB to boot.ini as described in this post. (This will more than likely fix your issue so check out the link!)
    4) Stop all the un-needed background processes that start up when booting into Windows that you don't need (iTunes, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Office Helper, Quicktime, etc.) and any other process running taking up a significant amount of memory that doesn't need to be. (Only do this if you are an advanced computer user). Even running HoN without a browser in the background could help. (Yes even if you have 4 to 8GB of memory!) If you are consistently crashing when loading into the game, especially after the first game, it is almost certainly due to HoN being unable to allocate more memory.
    5) Deleting startup.cfg from the \Heroes of Newerth\game\ folder
    6) Remove Heroes of Newerth completely (this steps includes deleting the HoN-folder under Documents!)
    7) Download the latest client and install it again
    If you are using XFire, take a look at this.
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    Sorry for my bad english

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    reduce greaphic to the lowest..
    disable all sound..

    my mario game is lot better than this

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