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    D3D_Create:Create device failed

    D3D_Create:Create device failed

    why this happen????????????

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    How come when I press the HoN Icon in my Garena Messenger, HoN won't open?

    Solved :

    Look for "System Restore" in your computer.
    Restore to when you were about to install HoN and Garena Messenger.

    If you get this error "CModel::Load() - ModelFile NULL resource failure"

    Means you have to reinstall HoN

    Gratz to us all.

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    umm I did have the same problem with my Old desktop
    The problem is the graphics card
    click start > run > type in dxdiag and lemme see the specs =)

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    Userbars are old. I'm making signatures now. simple and clean. PM me if u want one.

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    ive got the same problem with aime46 could any one help us?

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    i really want to play hon, ive been suffering that problem for 3 weeks!!!..

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    Me too have D3D_create:
    this problem
    but some ppl save go download directX . . . . .

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    I've known some people who solve this problem by updating their graphic drivers or installing directX.
    - Check my Guide in Creating Games.
    - Getting blocked/stucked by cliffs? You better go here.
    - Need some Help(Bugs,Crash,Reports)? PM me here <3

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    d3d create create device ---------------
    i also hve the same problem when i run HON

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    d3d create create device

    d3d create create device

    d3d create create device

    Why this is happening please help me!!!!!!!!

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