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    [AlternateAvatar] Gatotkaca

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    [AlternateAvatar] Gatotkaca

    Gatotkaca history can you read or see at :
    Indonesian Wikipedia = http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gatotkaca
    English Wikipedia = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghatotkacha

    Still I don't know which hero will I take for this avatar, but maybe I just make some list Gatotkaca ability so I can compare to HoN heroes and get the right hero.

    and first sorry for bad grammar.

    Gatotkaca visualization from web :

    and many more...
    check on your Google Image, and use this keyword : Gatotkaca

    The ability of Gatotkaca are :
    Superhuman Strength

    Gatotkaca has a weapon named Indastro / Indastra, but I don't know what kind weapon that he had... a Kriss or a Big Gold Round Mace.... I don't know...

    Then I try to compare with the heroes :
    If Gatotkaca + Magebane then
    Flash ability can change to fast flying animation
    If Gatotkaca + Dark Lady then
    Male Dark Lady avatar, Gatotkaca with dual Kriss on each hand, Flying animation for Charging Strike
    If Gatotkaca + Hammerstorm then
    Gatotkaca with Big Round Mace, Flying Big Gold Round Mace, Big Mace do damage to big area of effect (Mighty Swing), Brute Strength = Superhuman Strength of Gatotkaca
    If Gatotkaca + Pandamonium then
    Non animal Combo strike when doing Flurry, Uppercut using Mace when do Flick, Cannon Ball = Fly and smash ground, Face Smash = Combo again
    If Gatotkaca + Predator then
    Flying when do Leap
    If Gatotkaca + Monkey then
    No, HoN already have Hanuman, we need other hero that can meet Hanuman as other person
    If Gatotkaca + Rampage then
    Stampede as charging enemy while flight to target, Horned Strike with a Big Mace
    If Gatotkaca + Gauntlet then
    Superhuman punch

    Now the change =
    If Gatotkaca + Magebane then
    Gatotkaca need more flash than Flash (bright)
    If Gatotkaca + Dark Lady then
    More bright
    If Gatotkaca + Hammerstorm then
    I like this more
    If Gatotkaca + Pandamonium then
    Many avatar of Pandamonium is animal, maybe most ability is good for Gatotkaca but this animal style...
    If Gatotkaca + Predator then
    Need bizzare and devilish Gatotkaca for Predator
    If Gatotkaca + Monkey then
    No No No
    If Gatotkaca + Rampage then
    Flying Unmounted Rampage
    If Gatotkaca + Gauntlet then
    Gatotkaca don't have remote control gauntlet that flying to enemy

    So after make this list I choose Hammerstorm (Mace) or Dark Lady (Kriss) for having Gatotkaca Avatar

    Thanks and Regard for Read this...
    My IGN : Rixki
    My UID : 6732720
    I play on Match Making Casual Mode Only, because My PSR is underrated (<1450).

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    You're on the right track, but I don't think we can consider your entry as valid at the moment. You still have time, goodluck!
    Currently not-MIA

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