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    Devourer Alt Avatar - Junk Recycler

    Devourer Alt Avatar - Junk Recycler

    Devourer Alt Avatar
    "Junk Recycler"


    In landfill site away from town, rage and anger to be sound. Abandoned by the creator, trapped in the deepest lone forever. One day he shall break through, to the earth all new. Unleash his rage and devastation, bring chaos and fear to every region.

    Concept Art

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    A machine living long in the trash site, cover himself with disposal. A strong machine that never deplete his energy, grow stronger with more trash he 'devours'.

    Skills Concept

    1st Ability - Enrage Hook

    The hand of devourer will change to a chain that hooks the target. The hook will connected with a chain.

    Sound: You piece of junk!

    2nd Ability - Pungent Smoke

    The smoke is in pungent smell that choking his enemy. The smoke will emerge from the exhaust pipe on his back.

    3rd Ability - Trash Armor

    With each enemy he 'processed', he will increase his armor by adding another 'junk' to his body.

    Ultimate Ability - Recycle

    He use his right hand to grab the enemy and the animations of some tiny waste material will come out. As he 'recycling', his size is also grow bigger.

    Sound: Processing...

    Voice Line

    His voice will be a low pitch, robotic voice.

    Frustrated with my job, making me junk-er and junk-er...

    Time to get the world dirty!

    I eat junk like you, and make me stronger than ever...

    I deserve to get well-paid for processing so many junk...

    I always get my hands dirty...Muahaha...

    Prior Taunt

    I see you, you filthy piece of crap.

    Success Taunt

    Yam yam, you taste good for a crap.


    Looks like I am a junk like you also...


    He walks like a pebbles as the one of the hand is bigger and heavier than another. He attacks using his big right hand.


    I design this character because i realize that there are more and more waste disposals in the earth. I want to show that even the rubbish is frustrated of this human behavior of throwing rubbish everywhere rather than process it well. I get this inspiration from the movie WALL-E where there are tons of rubbish in the earth and the earth is no longer suitable for living. I want to use this avatar to give out the message or warning to the mankind, that our earth should be protected from the pollution. GO GREEN!

    P.S. I am aware that there is a new alt avatar garbagore for belphegor. Actually i think of this idea just one day before the release of new patch. Well, that doesn't stop me to bring out my idea, and hope everyone enjoy this and get the message. Perhaps garbagore and my junk devourer can be best friend, i suppose.

    Thank you and hope you guys like this.

    Cheer for the Earth!

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    too much junk is too much. XD
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    Thx... Hope u like it... =)

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    Haha nice. This line... "I eat junk like you, and make me stronger than ever..."
    And who said junk food doesn't make one stronger hahaha.
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    Yea, at least junk food gives us the desire of eating them. haha...

    I personally like the line Yam yam, you taste good for a crap.

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    nice 1...this dev know recycle xD

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