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    Infraction Table {Last Update: 28 Sept 2012}

      This is the last staff post in this thread.  
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    Infraction Table {Last Update: 28 Sept 2012}

    Dear Heroes,

    In view of the forum revamp, we have revised the Infraction System with a wider overview of the offences and its respective weightage.

    Infraction points are now permanent and will no longer expire. You will be able to view your infractions by clicking on your profile. Accounts will be permanently suspended automatically once you have accumulated 10 or more infraction points.

    The Forum Moderators are labelled in
    ORANGE with a prefix tag of [MODS]. They will be actively moderating every area of the forums to assist and administrate threads and users. Infraction points will be issued according to the violations below.

    Garena reserves the rights to edit/remove threads deemed inappropriate, unnecessary or not allowed from the boards.
    We would like to maintain a positive gaming environment for our players, and often, negative threads that hold no significant discussion value are deleted or moved to the archives.

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    My comments do not represent any organization or entity that I am/was bonded with. They are entirely personal comments made in direct to whom I am referring to with no intention of murder.
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