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    Login Failed:Unknown Error

    Login Failed:Unknown Error

    A while ago I just played HoN,but now I keep getting 'Login Failed:Unknown Error'. I'll appreciate it if you can help me as soon as possible,thanks.

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    lol same prob.. until now, cant log back in\

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    Oh,I feel relieved,I thought I was the only one experiencing the problem,lol.

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    Update: I can now play HoN!Problem is, I can't connect to chat server. :/

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    Hi estranghero04, Can you give more details on the problem that you are currently facing? So that its easier for us to help follow up this problem. Thanks

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    lol gm acting as if he doesnt know the servers are down and no one can patch and log in and join MM games
    so clueless.

    why are they called admins instead of nabmins

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    Hi blackgentlemen, it's not I dont know the server has issues. Sometimes without the issues there are people who are still facing this problem. Hope you understand Thanks

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