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    Midas, The Golden King

    Midas, The Golden King

    HoN Hero Guide

    Midas, The Golden King

    The tale of Auric of the deserts is perhaps a shrewd allegory to the fall of man. A wise and knowledgeable researcher, he had devoted his life's work to perfecting the ancient art of alchemy. However, upon discovering the vaunted power of transmutation, his lust for knowledge turned to greed, and within the span of a few mad days all around him was transformed to gold. Realizing what he had done, he gave an anguished cry and set out to atone for his sins.

    Table of Contents
    I.Guide Introduction
    II.Hero Overview, Pros and Cons
    III.Skill Build
    IV.Item Build
    V.General Gameplay Strategies
    VI.Early, Mid and Lategame Strategies
    VII.Hero Synergies and Enemies
    VIII.Credits and Thanks

    I.Guide Introduction

    Hi, welcome to my guide. This time I will cover Midas, the legendary king who can turn anything he touches into gold. He is a caster strength hero with one of the strongest skill combo there is, capable of nuking and stunning multiple enemy heroes at once and turning the tide for his allies. Midas's specialization is burst damage, making him a great ganker, clasher, and line pusher/farmer.

    Midas is a versatile hero who can play both offensive and support, or both at once. He is a great addition to every team due to his abilities, and a hefty stack of wealth which can be used to fund the team to victory (read: buying wards and eyes :P).

    II.Hero Overview, Pros and Cons

    Midas Spotlight Video

    Midas Stats

    -Midas is a ranged strength hero. His 450 range is shorter than most other ranged heroes, but his overall higher strength makes up for it.
    -As you can see, his intelligence's basic and growth is high and you will still need much mana points to spam your skills, but always remember that his primary status is still strength. This plays down to what items you will choose to buy later.

    Midas Skills

    Golden Salvo's long-lining shot is used to cover a long-shaped aoe, making you able to hit the back row enemies or a fleeing enemy repeatedly, with moderate damage and, if at all, slow them down for further assaults.

    Skill Mechanics: The Golden Flasks Throwing!
    As the description says, Golden Salvo shoots out 5 golden flasks in a long-lining fashion!

    For the actual hit on enemies (queuing for the golden shower!)

    Lion's Pride's 'rounding' aoe shot is used mainly to target flock of enemies, be it creeps or interlocking enemy heroes. This skill can also be used to heal any creeps/ allies caught in the swarm of enemy creeps and heroes.

    Skill Mechanics: The Rushing Lions!
    Ashorter, more-round aoe skill. Watch closely where you throw that thing!

    For the actual hit on enemies (they are breaking!)

    This is Midas's short-range teleport skill, generally you will need to save this for tight situation. Use wisely to blink towards places unreachable by the chasing enemies.

    Skill Mechanics: The WOW Factor!
    Melting self and teleporting away, leaving trails of damaging liquid gold! This can go through cliffs, fog, or forests!

    For the actual hit on enemies (COOL golden lighting effects!)

    The touch that makes Midas legendary :P. This is a passive skill, making your other skills can combine and transmute enemies into gold (read: stunning and damaging).

    Skill Mechanics: The Golden Kongor Award! [see the OP description on the bottom right corner? ]
    Anyways, this is what your enemies will be like when they are transmuted [hit by at least 2 out the 3 active Midas Skills]!

    (+) One of the best support heroes in the game
    (+) Multiple AoE skills with stunning effect, thus a great crowd controller
    (+) One of the best ganker heroes in the game due to disabling skills
    (+) One of the fastest gold farmers in the game
    (+) Great lane/tower pusher
    (+) Can blink out of danger/ blink to chase and damaging at the same time
    (+) One the very few ranged strength heroes
    (+) Versatile build, can turn into a semi-carry if need be

    (-) High mana usage for skill spamming.
    (-) If built for support, generally weak and has low hp/def despite him being a strength hero.
    (-) Relatively high cooldown on skills, making him vulnerable to attacks right after all his skill combo are unleashed.
    (-) In late game skills inflict relatively low damage.

    (-) Basically, need to always stick with teammates to push lanes and everything, otherwise quite vulnerable due to intervals between combos.

    III. Skill Build

    Lv.1 Lion's Pride
    Lv.2 Golden Salvo
    Lv.3 Lion's Pride
    Lv.4 Elemental Warp
    Lv.5 Lion's Pride
    Lv.6 Transmute
    Lv.7 Lion's Pride

    Lv.8 Golden Salvo
    Lv.9 Golden Salvo
    Lv.10 Golden Salvo

    Lv.11 Transmute
    Lv.12 Elemental Warp
    Lv.13 Elemental Warp
    Lv.14 Elemental Warp

    Lv.15 Attribute Bonus
    Lv.16 Transmute
    Lv.17 – Lv.25 Attribute Bonus

    Golden Salvo vs Lion's Pride
    Granted, there are skill builds that choose to level Golden Salvo first over Lion's Pride. Practically, this is okay, however for maximum efficiency in early and mid game, I'd explain the simple reason why I choose Lion's Pride first.


    Skill Comparison
    Golden Salvo's first flask has a maximum of 220 magic damage and a -10% movement speed effect, with the next flasks adding up to 80 damage and -10% movement speed for 3 seconds, at 1000 range. Manacost 160, at 18 seconds cooldown.

    Lion's Pride starts off at 210 magic damage, adding 30 damage per hero healed, up to 360 damage at target destination, also grants 800 clearvision. Travels at 900 range and 200 radius. Manacost 130, cooldown 13 seconds.

    So why Lion's Pride is better in early/mid game?

    1.Lower Manacost
    Midas does not have a decent mana pool in the beginning, so saving mana is great. Remember that Midas have 3 active skills.

    2.Lower Cooldown
    Situation can turn so bad at times, that you will need to spam your skills to either halt enemies or heal allies. Lower cooldowns mean quicker actions.

    3.Comparable damage and higher maximum damage
    With lower manacost, lower cooldown, and higher damage, nothing can go wrong.

    4.Comparable range and target spot radius
    Golden Salvo is kind of harder to hit multiple flocking enemies due to its long-lining skill shape. Comparably, with 900 range, the Lion's Pride is easier to hit due to its 200 'rounding' radius.

    5.Capability to damage and heal at the same time
    Golden Salvo slows, whereas Lion's Pride heals. Definitely healing is more important early in the game, because slowing down enemies for 3 seconds or less (in early game) usually will not result in anything but enemies with red hp fleeing successfully.

    These 5 reasons are why I decide to level Lion's Pride first. And trust me, you will get to lv.10 fast enough to do a full Golden Salvo-Lion's Pride combo.

    Note that no matter what, Elemental Warp is leveled last (only taken 1 level at lv.4), because its crappy 17 seconds cooldown and low damage addition. Taken at level 1, frankly speaking, only to escape a gank during early/mid game, and rarely for a chase.

    IV.Item Build

    Initial Items

    Pretender's Crown 185
    Mark of the Novice 150
    Minor Totem 53
    Health Potion 100
    Mana Potion (x2) 100

    Laning Items

    Ghost Marchers > will be quite handy to tackle in-and-out of situations. may be later replaced with Post Haste.
    Ring of Sorcery > Midas' major mana source throughout the game, so he can spam his skills.

    Core Items

    Spellshards > major boosts to the skill combo damage.

    Helm of the Black Legion > although a strength hero, Midas is kind of low in def, so you will definitely need this.

    Luxury Items

    Null Stone > get this if there are lots of enemy heroes with single-target deathblow skills.
    Behemoth's Heart > improve Midas' survivability greatly, especially in clashes.

    Optional Items Part#1 [The Extra Protective Set]

    Portal Key > if you want safety, get this, combined with warp, to either chase or escape successfully from an ambush.
    Post Haste > get this if you farm well and is needed to push multiple lanes to confuse enemies.
    Shrunken Head > get if there are many intelligence heroes in enemy team.
    Codex > extra damage is always good, and you can shot down fleeing (or chasing) enemies without having to spend your warp.

    Optional Items Part #2 [Utility and Special Conditions]

    Tablet of Command > Use to push a target hero forward. Useful to do more 'position control' during ganks/clashes/escapes.
    Kuldra's Sheepstick > Buy when there are difficult tank(s) to handle within enemy team.
    Astrolabe > Can be useful if your teammates are lethal damage dealers with low hp, or there are many high-damage nukers in enemy team. Use only at ganks/clashes.
    Void Talisman > Buy if there are enemy heroes with high burst single-target damage, such as Predator and Nomad.
    Hellflower > Will be useful against heroes with high-damage burst combo skills that can kill a hero in a flash, or aoe stunners.

    Optional Items Part#3 [More Magic Attack and Crowd Controller]

    Frostfield Plate > Use after your full combo, can use Elemental Warp before to position self. Use only when winning in ganks/clashes.
    Storm Spirit > To halt either chasing or escaping enemy, giving more edge to your teammates and chance for you to unleash another combo.

    Optional Items #4 [Last Resort]

    Assassin's Shroud > If you are getting ganked a lot and seems to be a constant target for everyone, you might as well get this.

    Optional Items for "semi-carry" Midas

    Frostburn> faster movement and attack, and slows down an enemy, making him vulnerable to Midas' combo
    Frostwolf's Skull> basically to render an enemy helpless and susceptible to your combo
    Charged Hammer> for more 'multiple targets' damage, and much faster attack speed for finishing

    *Note that Midas is still a Caster Strength hero and playing him by his skills to support/nuke is better in many situations.

    *Only opt for the +attack items in these situations
    -your enemy has one or more troublesome tanks that won't suffer much damage from your full combo. Then again, if you have good carries that can tackle that tank just opt for normal support items and support them.
    -you farm well, of which you really should. In the end Midas needs some items to support his skills well, otherwise you will be stuck with the "not-so-strong skills and not-so-strong normal attacks" condition (i.e. mediocre) and will become rather useless addition in team clashes. Focusing on one build, assuming that you cannot complete the hybrid build due to battle situation, is crucial.

    Item Not to Get

    Runed Axe > As always, this is for melee heroes only. Never buy one.
    Elder Parasite > Might look like a viable option, but no. Midas focuses on skills, and getting Elder Parasite will greaty reduce his already-semi-paper defense.
    Geometer's Bane > No use for Midas, since the moment the real one unleashes combo, it is the moment eveything will be known to your enemies. Besides, Midas relies heavily on his skills and not normal attacks, unlike carry heroes.

    V.General Gameplay Strategies

    General Laning Strategy

    Mid Lane
    Mid-laning Midas should farm as fast as possible for a Ring of Sorcery (and a pair of shoes) and start ganking at lv 6. Use your skills wisely to give last hit to multiple creeps, and only start spamming/harassing after lv.6

    Side Lanes
    Do not spam skills until you got the Ring of Sorcery. Use Lion's Pride sparingly to either getting last hits on some creeps, or to heal allies, in combination with Golden Salvo to damage/last hit fleeing enemies. With a good cooperation from your partner, when you reach lv 6 you two will get the kills-always aim for the lowest hp enemy.

    Lane Pushing made so simple
    Midas is simply one of the best lane pusher/farmer in the game. Golden Salvo+Lion's Pride combo will demolish a stacked wave of creeps, giving you hundreds of gold each time.

    Due to the Golden Salvo's long-lining shot and Lion's Pride's rounding area shot, I'd recommend this kind of setup for maximum effectiveness:

    -First cast Golden Salvo towards the incoming creeps, should be hitting everyone till the last row.
    -Second, cast Lion's Pride to the now-flocking creeps (interlocking with your own creeps) and voila! Make sure you hit the thrower creep, or simply finish it with a normal attack.
    -Do not use Elemental Warp on creeps.

    Wards and Bound Eyes
    Goes without saying, since Midas's combo skills can obliterate waves and waves of creep in a flash, do support your team by buying the wards, dusts, Bound Eyes, and courier upgrade :P

    Due to his non-targeting skills I'd recommend having an ally/stunner/tank to initiate the gank, only then you position yourself right and unleash Golden Salvo+Lion Pride combo.

    Again, do not initiate forward and let the others go first, immediately followed by your combo to disable the interlocked enemies. Spam more skills as the battle goes on, and do remember to save the Elemental Warp for tight situation/sure-kill chase.

    Note on the Skills and Selections

    >Combo Matters: Golden Salvo-Lion's Pride or Lion's Pride-Golden Salvo?
    + OR +
    The answer to this question depends on your position, your allies's position/condition, and and your target's position/movement. Confused? Here's the simple explanation:

    -Lion's Pride heals your allies, so use it first when your frontmost allies/tank/initiators are getting hit hard by enemy retaliation.
    -Remember the long-lining shot of Golden Salvo and Lion's Pride's shorter rounding area shot.
    -Sometimes the enemies will flock and stick so close together before scattering, in this case use Lion's Pride first.
    -Sometimes there will be ranged enemies playing safe/enemies coming a bit late to support and just hitting from behind, in this case use Golden Salvo first to stagger them.
    -If you do come from the side (90 degrees, from forest, or a bit diagonal), use Lion's Pride first, only then aim Golden Salvo well so as not to miss the fleeing enemy.

    >Elemental Warp: To use and not to use.

    -The great escape. You never know what lurks in the fog, so save Elemental Warp when laning, and if you do get ganked, use Elemental Warp to escape to the fog/cliffs/forest/90 degrees turn. If you are near your tower, casting it to flee backwards is also okay.

    Some Examples of Elemental Warp Usage

    1.The 90 Degrees Turn to Avoid Trouble! (and detection, too . . .)

    2.The Over-the-Cliff Escape! (or chase . . .)
    Note: this screenshot is taken from the river's cliff and going down. Absolutely can be vice-versa.

    3.The Fog Escape! (Warning-keep running if you are escaping!)

    -Do not use Elemental Warp straight after the Golden Salvo-Lion's Pride combo, because you might need it to escape (again, you don't know what lurks beyond the fog and behind your enemies...)

    -Only use Elemental Warp forward (towards the enemies) when your ganking team is winning and the enemies have low hp. In this case warp straight towards the enemy flock and unleash a point-blank Lion's Pride to finish them. In such particular case the warp can also be used to chase a fleeing enemy and followed by normal attacks for a finisher.

    -Do not ever use Elemental Warp on creeps with the intention of farming.

    >Generall Skill Accuracy
    + +
    All Midas's skills are non-targeting ones, therefore do not run rampant and cast them hastily towards the enemies-who might just simply turn 90 degrees to avoid them and make you waste everything. As Midas is not an initiator in ganks/clashes, do remember to take a few seconds to time and aim wisely.

    >Who to Target First?
    Midas's skills are very powerful, yet his mana pool is kind of limited, and his skills' cooldown for combo are rather high. Therefore, besides timing and aiming well, one needs to select the targets well also. This is especially true in team clashes. So what's the potential targets' criteria?

    -Heroes with the lowest hp/defense
    Typically, the intelligence and agility heroes, who pack quite a punch with their deadly attacks but low hp and defense. Your combo will stop them in place for your allies to rush in, and they will most likely back down or escape after, if they do survive.

    -Heroes with no escaping/anti-magic skills
    This means the enemy heroes participating in clash but have no 'blink', 'invisibility', 'temporary invulnerability', 'anti-magic', etc.

    -Heroes who boldly go forward to open clash, with OR without their friends' follow-up.

    Cast your combo on this hero/heroes to keep your team's formation intact, since if your allies might scatter and get overwhelmed if noone does anything and just take backward movements to avoid the 'breaking/rushing through' hero. If you are defending a tower, the enemy heroes must be stopped before they all charge in to break your team's formation.
    *Note that this needs quick response and coordination from your teammates to quickly attack and dispose of the transmuted target(s).

    VI.Early, Mid, Late game Strategies

    Early Game
    Farm for Ring of Sorcery and do not spam your skills unless faced with tight escaping situation/last hitting enemies.
    Start ganking only after reaching lv 6 and getting your Ring of Sorcery. Be sure to proceed with caution since even with the ring your mana pool is very low. Ganking own lane with the help with an ally is more favorable, since you can unleash more accurate Golden Salvo and Lion's Pride.

    Mid Game
    Start roaming and ganking around thoroughly. I'd recommend play aggressive at this time and roam together with an ally or two. Start building your Spellshards and, if possible, Post Haste. Also, start pushing one lane after another, since your combo should now be able to clear 95% of a creep wave.

    Late Game
    Play support in clashes, don't risk yourself becoming an easy pick for the enemy team, who now has an array of high-end items. If you're winning, however, don’t hesitate to use Elemental Warp as extra damage.
    In intervals between ganking and clashing, push lane(s) and towers as fast as possible. Spam your skills on every creep waves, however be careful of quick retaliation from the enemies-another reason to save Elemental Warp for emergency.

    Note on Skill Effectiveness
    Take note that the Golden Salvo+Lion's Pride Combo will not do much damage to your targets at this point in the game, especially on the tanks. For the carries and intelligence, the combo might only dish out a little over 35%-40% of their max hp.

    To maximize their effects still:

    1.Your combo now mainly acts as extra damage and aoe stun, enabling your allies to rush in and bash away at the turned-golden enemies, so aim wisely and early. Do not save your skills for later, since the enemies will likely to scatter away before you can cast anything.

    2.After unleashing your combo, pay attention to your allies' hp and cast a second Lion's Pride on the lowest hp ones, followed by another Golden Salvo towards the fleeing enemies.

    VII.Hero Synergies and Enemies

    Hero best paired with Midas
    1.Any hero with high burst damage/disabling potential on either one or multiple enemies, including:
    Predator, Swiftblade, Moon Queen, Keeper of the Forest, Kraken, Dampeer, Slither, Behemoth, Tempest, and Zephyr

    Worst enemies for Midas


    Midas, despite a strength hero, is not as strong as a tank and will be easy prey for the standard Fayde combo.


    His silencing ward can pose quite a problem since he can dispose of Midas in a few seconds flat, even before the silence ends.


    Predator has stone skin for anti magic and a leaping attack. He can also dispose of Midas before the anti-magic ends, and can jump for second time to chase Midas's Elemental Warp.


    One of the worst bane for Midas, Magebane will drain chunks of Midas' mana, meaning much less mana for combo and escape, and he can blink to chase Elemental Warp.


    Swift's anti-magic Blade Frenzy will null everything Midas throws at him, and if you do accidentally cast out everything while he is spinning, then you had better run using Elemental Warp a.s.a.p., because he will use his ultimate skill next.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I would like to build Midas as a full carry! Is this possible and how?

    A: Theoretically, you can build Midas as a full carry (just buy the usual ranged carry items such as Frostburn and Charged Hammer) however it would truly waste his utmost potential-his skills/combo and their effects. By experience, the best thing you can make of Midas, out of his common build, is a semi carry, who is still relying heavily on his skill combos. You will have much easier time building him as a support/high magic damage dealer, and still have a great performance at all times.

    Q: How is Midas's item build different from Flux? They are both ranged strength heroes!
    A: The major difference lies in their skills and role in a match. Generally speaking, Flux does not have an array of high-damage skill combos like Midas, and thus Flux will need to build up some carry items to increase his attack and defense (Flux does not even have 'blink' to use in tight situations). Midas' item build is designed to strengthen his powerful skills, support, and add up some defense just for survivability.

    Q: I often miss when using Midas's skills! Help!
    A: All of Midas's skills are non-targeting ones, so in every occassion take time to position yourself and aim well, even at the incoming creeps.

    Q: I become constant target of enemy ganker heroes . . .
    A: Midas's skills are basically burst damage, and once he cast all his skills, there will be an interval before another combo, during which he is vulnerable. If a ganker or two manage to slip in during this interval, or evade your combo altogether, then it is usually a hard escape. The solution is to always stick with your allies, or take note of general enemy movement-do not go laning or farming too far by yourself.

    Q: I often play with my friends . . . but none of them like to play any of the 'best allies for Midas' heroes in the guide
    A: Midas himself is an independent crowd controller and mass-disabler, meaning that he can be a staple to most types of heroes, including damage dealers and stunners. The heroes I listed there are the most effective ones, but basically anyone with a stun/slow/high single target damage can enjoy mutual benefit by being with Midas, although the best ones are those with aoe skills, as always, since a hero with an aoe skill will always be a good combo with another hero with aoe skill. Hope this helps.

    VIII. Credits and Thanks

    Thank you for reading this guide. I want to say that Midas is truly a fun hero to play with, and with just a little practice you will master the usage of his skills. It is, in the end, the teamwork that matters the most. Hope that by practicing what I wrote in this guide, you will become the ace of your team, supporting them and bringing them victory.


    S2 Games Heroes of Newerth official website (www.heroesofnewerth.com) for hero pictures, names, status, skill pictures and descriptions.

    Garena Heroes of Newerth official website (hon.garena.com) and HoN forum post by anchor moderator Eithrill (http://forum.hon.garena.com/showthread.php?249-Item-Pictures) for item pictures.

    http://www.hon-utilities.com/media/hon-spotlight-midas/1949/ for Midas Picture.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbpbLMgVhcY for Midas Spotlight Video.
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