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    Explanation for K2-Exception Error/ HoN Crash and viable Solutions.

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    Explanation for K2-Exception Error/ HoN Crash and viable Solutions.

    Alot of you players have been asking about the HoN crash / k2 error.

    Well, I'm here to explain what I know of these errors. Feel free foreplay any other discoveries you might have.
    Please do note that these explanations are only to my understanding and therefore might not be accurate.
    Also, do note that the solutions that I provide worked for me. But might not apply to you.

    Alright, this error is caused by 2 aspects, as far as I know.
    Computer part incompatibility and lack of physical memory ( RAM )

    My solutions :

    1. Buy a new computer.
    2. Upgrade your existing RAM.
    3. Upgrade your existing graphics card.
    4. Do both 2 and 3.
    5. Restart HoN after every match.
    6. Trade that wooden block for a gameboy.
    7. Quit HoN.

    This solution might not work for some players and even result in disabling HoN.
    But it works the best.

    Change your video driver to OpenGL.

    Cheers and happy gaming.

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    Your solution is full of FAIL

    Stop displaying your stupidity and rudeness over a matter that you seriously have no idea whats causing it. Most of the people here (including myself) plays with well over the required specs (cybercafes with topnotch specs also has K2 crashes). Before you know the root of the problem stop telling people that their PC fails and they need to stick more than enough RAM in their machine. If you had any proper thought you would know that

    It is your thought that is failing. Go read a book.

    And for the people who are crashing, stop listening to idiots on the cause of these crashes, even the tech people in S2 have not released an official reason on this. What you can do now is

    1. Perform possible solutions to rule out some causes: redownload and reinstall for data corruption, setting graphics low/updating drivers/rollback drivers for graphics incompatability
    2. Create a thread with a list of compiled reports on the crashes with info of PC that is experiencing the crash (Windows, DirectX, .NET version, ISP etc)
    3. Stop being rude and dumb to frustrated players who are obviously just trying to find some help.

    If you didn't crash, that doesn't mean your PC is better. YOUR JUST LUCKY

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    Actually no. I've been to other LAN cafes and the specs there are decent. But it still crashes there too. The first thing I do is switch to OpenGL. After that I stop crashing completely. Only after 5-8 matches then I crash once.

    And I did mention these are viable solutions. Not solutions that garentee to work and that all my theories are based on what I've heard so far and how I managed to fix my crashing.

    I did not claim to know the cause of these errors. But I only aim to provide some sort of explanation to these problems.
    If you feel that you don't need it then just ignore. Some people might really benefit from just knowing whether or not it's this problem with their computers. Then they can slowly rule out if this is really the case. Raging here claiming to say that my theroes are wrong and that I should read a book just waste everyone's time.

    Show some respect as every non-flame thread is there aimed to help and better serve the community. If you don't need it, move on. Don't waste your time and even create problems when it's completely unnecessary.

    Lucky has nothing to do with crashing or not. Nor does having a better PC. What I'm suggesting is there your computer lacks enough ram to support HoN as well as your other processes. You can have 8gb of ram but 7.8 gb of that 8 is used else where. understand my theory ?

    My computer Isnt the best. And I'm running on 2gb ram. But I crash only once every 5 matches. And it's because I stop my unnecessary pprocesses and let my computer focus on HoN. If you don't believe me then it's your problem. Don't make it sound as if what I have here is completely unreliable. Since even S2 doesn't have a good explanation for this, give my suggestions a shot. and if your crash frequency happens less. Good for you. If it doesn't. There might be other underlying problems.

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      This is the last staff post in this thread.  
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    This belongs to Technical Support.

    My comments do not represent any organization or entity that I am/was bonded with. They are entirely personal comments made in direct to whom I am referring to with no intention of murder.
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