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    [Suggestion]Garena HoN Manual Patch

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    [Suggestion]Garena HoN Manual Patch

    hey everybody, i want to give a suggestion to you all about the manual patch

    why there are no manual patch for every the new updates ?
    so if the manual patch is exist, we no need to re-download the client if i miss the long patch/update

    example, i download the client at June 2011, and if my windows got a serious problem
    they must be re-installed the windows right ? and if i want to play HoN again, i just have the January 2011 Client ?

    How ? and now is October 2011
    i was missing about 3 months, and my remaining patch is so much right ?

    why not make a manual patch for the latest update or the new updates later ?
    so that can reduce the problem if the windows are broken and must re-installed

    there's my suggestion,
    thanks for the attention.

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    So far I never seen any manual patch for HoN from now, even S2 International HoN doesn't release the manual patch.

    If you want the latest version, you can always go to here: http://hon.garena.com/download, both versions are same and play-able depends on you which client you want to play with it.

    Full Client Installer: Basic Garena Plus + HoN client installation.
    Cafe Zip Version: It is a zip file that is already installed Garena HoN client. Just extract it and start to play.

    If you think the HoNInstaller is take too long for downloading, use the zip version. I recommend you to use downloader software like Flashget, Orbit, Bitcomet, etc. to faster your download and it saves your time.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    hmmm the cafe zip version ?

    if i extract the zip version, and it's update/patch to another update (ex to 2.1.9)
    is the files i extracted before, i copy to another pc, is the files already updated to 2.1.9 or still at ?

    sorry for my bad english

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    Check their client version on that download site. Now it's, it is a latest version.

    Yes, once you extracted the zip version you can just copy the folder to anywhere even your secondary PC. If you already patch it and wants to copy, it still on the latest version.

    For this example:
    My version, Unzip: 2.1.0 -> after patch ->
    Copy to secondary PC: Folder after patch:, Zip version: 2.1.0

    So if you copy the zip version to your secondary PC, it still 2.1.0 and it doesnt change, and you need to patch again. If you're copy the extracted folder and already patched it, it still remain the latest version.

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