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    Always disconnect from chat server

    Always disconnect from chat server

    I think disconnect from chat server means directly disconnect from hon server right? this problem i face many times, i dunno what is wrong, maybe my internet is unstable? ISP got problem, modem setting wrong? Right now i cant even see public game or cant even MM because keep disconnect from chat server. Anyone know how to solve this? IT pro anyone? I'm from malaysia using UNIFI btw.

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    Disconnecting from chat server does not equate to disconnecting from HoN server/game server. It just means you can't chat/join MM queue. However you should still be able to join public games...If you get disconnected from both(chat & game server) kindly check more on your ISP side..
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    then how do i need to fix this thing?i cant que mm and always get dc without my notice..
    hurmm help me

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    This happens ALWAYS?

    Maybe it's your connection?

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    it happens every single day and multiple instances of it per day.

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    me also~it many times again happen!!!

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    same here. internet works fine.
    hon constantly gets disconnected from chatserver
    if im already in a game its fine, cus its a totally different server right?
    its just the chatserver. so annoying since you dont even get a notification or whatever when you're disconnected so you'll be like queueing in mm, gets disconnected, reconnect, repeat.
    getting into one game might even take hours because of this. lol

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    no respon.. i wonder what garena do to keep their customer..
    i'm also having this problem

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    I'm facing the same issue, however is only when other people in the house connects to the internet. Everything works fine I can surf and stream video still but I keep disconnecting from the Chat server... so I cannot join the queue.
    1st I though it was cause me and my brother were using same IP to play garena but different games and different account. I got a confirmation from customer support garena that it should not be an issue as long as both are different account logins.
    My speed test fluctuates from 13MB to 38MB so i guess that is not and issue while my ping is only 8ms.... any suggestion to what is going on?

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