Been a while since you haven't played Heroes of Newerth? Then perhaps this is the best time to come back, because there've been a lot of new and exciting changes around those lands. And I mean a lot.
In this article I'll do a quick review of the changes in the game, so you, the player, can decide if returning (or discovering!) the lands of Newerth is worth the trouble. But fear not: while this looks all like sparks and rainbows, it's just the first part of two.

I'm just saving my angry ravings for later.

*A revamped MMR system that works with leagues instead of numbers.

* A new RAP system that lets you check your previous and present reports, and it even lets you know if the offender got banned.

* Updated graphics, with comes in the form of new avatars, towers, units, trees, and a changed Forest of Caldavar, with new and interesting hiding and warding spots.

*A million of balance updates and reworks. Pretty much every hero in the game suffered a change in one way or another... for good or bad. Also, a new STR Hellbourne hero was introduced, Apex.

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