Welcome to Heroes of Newerth
Version 4.2.1 - 31 August 2017

== User Interface ==

Health Bars

- Transparency for the empty regions/background of the Health Bars have been removed.* In particular, this improves the visibility of the Health Bars when last-hitting creeps when they are adjacent to one another.

- Decreased the brightness of the Health Bars slightly.* This helps reduce the "glare" perceived by players with more sensitive eyes.

== Design ==

- Added a new Staff of the Master effect: Passively increases your Max Health by 15% and an extra 1% for every kill or assist you scored.


Draconic Defense
- Staff of the Master no longer reduces the cooldown of the ability.


- Clearvision rescaled from 1000 to 800/1000/1200.


- Base Strength increased from 23 to 26.
- Base Agility reduced from 16 to 13.
- Agility gain per level reduced from 1.7 to 1.3.

Arcane Shield
- Triggered buff no longer gives 40/60/80/100 Attack Damage.
- Triggered buff now increases all Damage dealt by 15/20/25/30%.


Puppet Master
- Base Agility decreased from 20 to 18.
- Base Intelligence decreased from 21 to 20.

Puppeteer's Hold

- Duration lowered from 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 seconds to 2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds.

Voodoo Puppet

- Damage amplification from the Voodoo Puppet to the main target changed from 140/160/180% to 120/150/180%


- Base Strength reduced from 17 to 15.
- Base Intelligence reduced from 23 to 21.

Death Lotus
- Magic Damage when shooting the blades out changed from 100/160/220/280 to 70/140/210/280.


- Terror Mound placement cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
- Terror Port cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 40 seconds.


= Items =

Sand Scepter
- Recipe cost reduced from 835 to 535. Total cost reduced from 2800 to 2500.


= Mid Wars Beta =

Ruleset:- Primary Pick Mode: Hero Ban
- Secondary Mode: Blitz Mode

* Cooldown reduction adjusted from 80% to 60% for Mid Wars Beta.

Features changed from Mid Wars- Passive Experience per minute (XPM) increased from 120 to 180.

== Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

Champions of Newerth (CoN)- Map: Forests of Caldavar
- Mode: Counter Pick

Forests of Caldavar- All Pick
- Single Draft
- Balanced Random

Mid Wars- Hero Ban
- Mid Wars Beta

== New Content ==

= Fusion =

+ With the pure, true corruption from the depths of All Hells continuing to flow from Apex's portal, the other previously untapped levels and pits are also free to spew their filth and wickedness across Newerth. The Fusion Chamber is one such level, a subterranean laboratory where the damned souls were infected with a daemonic virus that tore them apart from within and rebuilt their maimed bodies with the ability to transform appendages into brutal, fiendish weapons. The Fusion Chamber did this for centuries, churning out an army of agonized soldiers prepared to wreak havoc and spread the Fusion virus across Newerth when Apex finally ascended. That day has come, and the Fusion warriors come with it.

New Blood Hunter Avatar: Fusion Hunter
- Fusion Hunter serves as the tracker for the Fusion army, using his own virulent blood to detect the slightest, untainted drop from a soon-to-be victim. His hideous appearance can be somewhat masked by wardrobe, allowing him to blend in with a crowd long enough to sniff out the strongest among them and identify the first target for the other Fusion terrors to descend upon. And while his visage can be masked, his hunger for flesh and blood cannot, so when someone in the masses happens to have an open wound -- or even dried blood on a collar -- Fusion Hunter cannot help himself. That hapless bleeder becomes the first of many victims, and they are lucky to be spared the carnage that follows.

= General =

New Geomancer Avatar: Leviathan
- Seeking the dark matter carried within Parallax's fulcrum to fuel their own path of galactic destruction and rule, the Leviathans have descended upon Newerth with zero regard for the war between the Legion and Hellbourne. But they are intelligent enough to join the winning faction, just long enough to expedite the eradication of one army before they turn upon their supposed allies.

New The Dark Lady Avatar: Vice
- Many criminals think Vice is weak (or a stripper, let's be honest) when they first see her, but her knockout appearance is 100% intentional and tactical. It gives her the split second of doubt in a takedown operation that allows her to stun, overpower, and restrain perpetrators exponentially stronger than her. Even when the goons are cuffed and face-down on the ground, sniffing dirt through bloodied noses, they're still waiting for the gag to be over and the show to start. Should they finally realize they are truly headed for the Graybar Hotel and try to reclaim their pride and freedom through violence, they will quickly learn Vice isn't just a brilliant strategist -- she's also a master of her patented Siren Sticks and will leave any would-be assailant in a cloud of instant pain and regret.

New Announcer Pack: E-san Announcer
- Kick your game up a notch with this spicy E-san Announcer Pack! Recorded by Thailand's famous joker, Eed Pong Lang.

== Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

= General =

- Shadowpicking a hero in Captain's Pick before a ban will no longer pick a hero that is already banned.
- Graffiti sprays will no longer block neutral camps from respawning.
- The info window above a player's hero will now show the player name when you hover over it with your mouse cursor.
- A coin sound will no longer be unintentionally played if an enemy hero kills a super creep.
- The Legion Archer's overhead bone has been fixed to display visual effects properly.
- The "Move to Spawn on Disconnect" option now moves all of your owned, controlled units back to the ally well when you disconnect (instead of just your hero).

= Heroes =

Aluna- Stardust Aluna's bones during her knockdown animation now display their visual effects appropriately.

Bramble- Entangled Vine Walls no longer take return damage from Barbed Armor.

Chronos- Punk Chronos now uses the proper knockdown animation sound.

Fayde- Deep Shadows now boosts Fayde's Movement Speed properly.

Geomancer- Earth's Grasp now uses the proper ability icon.

Gladiator- Pitfall will no longer block neutrals from respawning.

Ichor- Transfusion's and Bloodrush's states now use the proper icons if the Ichor player is using an alternate avatar.

Lodestone- Shatterstorm's proc delay is now correctly set to 5 seconds.

Kinesis- Esper's Inherent Defense state icon now uses the appropriate icon.

Lord Salforis- Undying (boosted by Staff of the Master) will no longer freeze its duration if Lord Salforis is dead.

Night Hound- Invisibility's fade time no longer incorrectly adds the attack frontswing duration to the fade timer.
* To compensate, Invisibility's fade time has been increased from 4/3/2 seconds to 4.5/3.5/2.5 seconds.

Myrmidon- Plushie and Misfit Myrmidon's splash attack impact visuals (from Mutant Evolution) is now consistent with the other Myrmidon avatars.

Nomad- Wanderer's attack impact sound is now played properly.

Parasite- Ancient creeps controlled via Infest (boosted by Staff of the Master) will now draw aggro from creeps properly.

Pharaoh- Tormented Soul no longer blocks neutrals from respawning if it is still in flight.

Plague Rider- Extinguish is no longer able to target Wildsoul's Booboo.

Pollywog Priest- Voodoo Wards no longer take return damage from Barbed Armor.

Prophet- Amadea Prophet's bones during the item usage animation and the knockdown animation now display their visual effects properly.

Solstice- Respawning with a Staff of the Master while Solstice has chosen Night Mode on her Graceful Strikes ability will now retain the proper skill icons for that mode.

Tundra- Shiver's Patrol sub-ability can no longer be used to trigger Null Stone.

= Items =

- Droppable items on death (e.g. Doom Bringer, Bound Eye) now properly drop on death if your ally faction (i.e. the Legion faction if you're on Legion) lands the killing blow on the target.

Harkon's Blade- No longer breaks stealth when toggling it.
- Can now be toggled off properly when lacking the mana required per attack.

Logger's Hatchet- The hatchet throw impact now does the proper amount of damage to Siege units.
- The hatchet throw now only plays "Timber!" when the target is a tree.

Master's Legacy- Active is now disabled when owned by a mimic.