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    Garena Plus Released [was Garena Messenger]

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    Garena Plus Released [was Garena Messenger]

    Just to remind you all that Garena Messenger has been upgraded become Garena Plus..
    Including the download page:
    - from http://messenger.garena.com or http://intl.garena.com/~messenger/
    - become http://intl.garena.com/~plus/

    Hi all,

    We are pleased to announce that Garena Plus V. is now released (upgraded from Garena Messenger).

    The installer of Garena Plus is available at the following links:

    Alternatively, you may download the full version of Garena Plus from:

    A manual patch is also available for those unable to update Garena Plus through the auto-update program. Please download the manual patch here: http://cdn.garenanow.com/im/manual_patch/patch_11082_12001.zip

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    Thanks for the share.
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    i donno wats new but me try
    I don't know what's new but let me try...

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    Infracted for spam and thread necro. Closing thread.
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