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    HoN problem in reconnecting

    HoN problem in reconnecting

    I played a public game , when the match countdown start i got disconnected . Then I relog and start HoN again , but no reconnect button . I even try ctrl f8 + reconnect , but no help at all . Then i got a leave for that game . Now i have to play 20 more matches before i can play MM again . This is so unfair , pls help me . I saved up to 965 coins for my Flamboyant Announcer . Pls help !
    Match ID : 12235878
    ID : killer10000
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    Was it played on an MYVIP server? MYVIP servers are unstable right now.
    Sorry but I think there's nothing they can do about it.

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    No . It was on REG server .I had already known the MYVIP problem , and avoided so far as I got 2 leaves because of it . There were cases like mine appeared in the US . They really had solutions for this , so I try my luck here in Garena . Man , life sucks !

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    Just keep trying reconnect.

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    Hi there,

    Yes we received many complains on REG server now. I think Garena Game master and Administrators knows about this issue. You can put up a post at bug report section and let them know.

    Yours sincerely.

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    Thank you , I'll try.

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    Please fix the reconnecting problem because i'm losing psr and im getting pissed off. So please Fix it quickly.

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    please reastore the lost psr because of that problem. And pls dont send players notification of leaver percentage even though its the games glitch fault. thank you. just restore the lost psr.
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    dam-n i cant use match making because of this non-sense.

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