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    Create a translation

    Create a translation

    Dear admins

    My sister wish to quit hon but she requested that hon should have some translation at any language that can let a player read even he/she don't understand what kind of language is being use and with dirty talk at any language should say invalid ingame and chat mode

    Example at this picture they did not use english or never learn to english instead using their language to dirty talk
    > <
    Just an example, can be abusive report but she wants to request translation
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    We have Google Translate for that. Besides, if you wish for a automatic translator within the game, don't you think that would require an additional memory usage to run the game along with the translator?

    If your "sister" can't handle the trashtalks, then it's either "she" QUIT or IGNORE.

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    I understand your frustrations. This has been suggested before, but this isn't really a major concern. This is why I strongly suggest players stick with their own servers/regions and always use English as their gaming language.

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