hello GM, please revert this new gold per secs gain (2 gold per secs approximately) to the old ones (1 gold per 0.85secs). i feel like this new gold per secs is destroying the game too fast where players cant really enjoy the game anymore coz the effect of snowballing is too quick and i notice the losing team dont really have a good chance to comeback. and also the supercreeps (once the barracks of one lane are destroyed) makes it even more harder to push back if u dont have high dmg nukes and low cooldown spells/abilities or meelee heroes with runed cleaver. i really feel of this BUFFings are irrelevant. the objective is to make the game more fun to play and can attract new players so i think u should take these into your consideration. if u can NERF the heroes and items.. why cant u NERF this? thank you for your time and attention sir. have a pleasant day!