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    [4.0.7] Patch Notes - Songkran Festival!

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    [4.0.7] Patch Notes - Songkran Festival!

    Welcome to Heroes of Newerth
    Version 4.0.7 - 12 April 2017

    = Balance =

    Demented Shaman

    - If Unbreakable is Dispelled without its effects activating, Unbreakable goes on a 30 second cooldown.


    - Radius and cast range indicator has been reduced to more properly reflect the 825 cast range of this ability.

    Draconic Defense

    - Cooldown will now begin after Draconis lands at his destination.
    - Staff of the Master:

    * Cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
    * Damage Reduction state duration on self decreased from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
    * Staff of the Master only: Ally Building's Damage Reduction state duration decreased from 16 seconds to 12 seconds.


    - Duration lowered from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
    - Attack frequency has been decreased from once every 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds.


    Witch Slayer

    - Stun duration from 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds to 0.8/1.2/1.6/2 seconds.
    * Overall stun duration changed from 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds to 1.3/1.7/2.1/2.5 seconds.
    - Magic Damage increased from 60/130/200/260 to 80/140/200/260.
    - Duration changed from 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 seconds to 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds.
    - Cooldown changed from 13 seconds to 25/21/17/13 seconds.

    == Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

    Champions of Newerth (CoN)
    - Map: Forests of Caldavar
    - Mode: Counter Pick

    Forests of Caldavar
    - All Pick
    - Single Draft
    - Balanced Random

    Mid Wars
    - Blind Ban

    The Grimm Hunt
    - All Pick

    == New Content ==

    = Songkran =

    New SongkranHoliday EditionGrinex Avatar: Songkran Grinex
    - Songkran Grinex seems like the epitome of a serene participant in the Thai New Year festival, dedicated to traditional merit-making and showing respect to her elders and loved-ones. This is true, but when she steps out of the temples and homes of her family members into the chaotic streets, she is capable of unleashing a shockingly fast assault of water and claws against any who threaten her mission to spread blessings to those she loves. Unless they try to splash her too, then it's on.

    New SongkranHoliday EditionShellshock Avatar: Songkran Shellshock
    - All hail the snail! Songkran Shellshock is ready to rock and roll during the water festival with a massive arsenal of super splash cannons, and he even brought a few snail friends from The Luminary to help. While the peaceful snail is usually dedicated to protecting the Sanctuary Stone and those who cannot defend themselves, during the Thai New Year celebration he is all about dousing everything in sight. After all, splashing someone during Songkran washes away their bad luck and is a sign of respect and well-wishing. If the snail gets a little pleasure out of that, what's the harm?

    New SongkranHoliday EditionWitch Slayer Avatar: Songkran Slayer
    - Songkran Slayer brings a whole new meaning to "Power Drain" when he empties his gigantic water cannon upon the Thai New Year revelers! He may have skimped on his wardrobe budget, but that's just to distract the gawking ladies and jealous bros while he douses them with his arsenal of squirt guns and splash axes before stunning the crowd by sending an entire beach party down the street.

    SongkranSet Effects
    - When you own all of the 2017 Songkran avatars, each of the characters will gain pure, cleansing white powder impact effects!
    - The 2017 Songkran avatars are:* Songkran Adrenaline
    * Songkran Bombardier
    * Songkran Grinex
    * Songkran Shellshock
    * Songkran Slayer

    = Easter =

    New Easter Holiday EditionMagmus Avatar: Chocolate Magmousse
    - Nothing in Newerth is safe from corruption with the rise of Apex -- not even delicious holiday chocolate. The massive annual Easter batch at Adkarna's Blessed Acadamy of Chocolatiers was just about ready for pouring and cooling when a primordial entity emerged from the depths and found a new home within the thick, bubbling chocolate, and when the ensuing eruption was over the academy was a steaming ruin coated in chocolate, Easter eggs, and sprinkles. The joyfully cruel elemental escaped on a surge of chocolate to continue its campaign of sweet, sugary havoc, leaving a trail of chocolate misery and shattered sweet teeth behind it.

    New Easter Holiday EditionTempest Avatar: Easter Elemental
    - Nothing makes the Easter Elemental happier than coloring Easter eggs in bright, festive colors and spreading them across Newerth for everyone to find. However, after too many years of these "heroic" warriors stomping on his eggs rather than collecting and celebrating them, this joyful fella has decided to make sure it's very easy to find his eggs -- they'll be splattered all over the faces and graves of his enemies!

    = General =

    New Announcer Pack: Miku Announcer
    -The world of Newerth is yours with this first announcer pack from the future!

    New Revenant Avatar: Wendigo
    - Even the savage clans who dwell in Deaths Cradle fear the Wendigo, a spirit of the dark forest who is said to be the last member of a cannibalistic tribe known for its bloodthirsty ways. As a human the Wendigos hunger for flesh could not be satiated, and he massacred his own people in order to gorge on their corpses. The Deaths Cradle elementals punished this atrocity by transforming him into the Wendigo, a hideous spirit that is half man, half monstrosity, and who is eternally starving to death no matter how much he eats.

    == Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

    = Optimizations =

    - Kongor's death timer indicator now shows a circular band that retracts over time to more accurately display the current duration of his death timer.
    - An option labelled "Don't Switch to Hidden Hero" has been introduced in the Options -> Interface -> Miscellaneous menu.* This option is disabled by default, mainly for Parasite players that had a habit of switching back to their hero while Infesting a creep.
    * This option was introduced for players who wish to not select owned heroes that are uncontrollable & not on the screen.

    = General =

    - The K/D/A values in the "View Statistics" window will no longer go out of its frame.
    - When logged in on an account that is in a clan then using the dropdown button next to your name to quickly switch to a sub account that is not in a clan, you will no longer appear as if you were in the clan.
    - On-Release Smartcasting will now work properly with the lower 3 inventory slots.
    - The background of HoN Plinko will no longer show the Ascension background.

    Mid Wars
    - Transmutanstein's de-aggro radius decreased from 650 to 500.* Note that Zorgath's de-aggro radius remains unchanged so that Zorgath will still attack players who try to chip away at him from afar.

    = Heroes =

    - Movement Speed Cap is set to 700 (instead of 999) in the Strikers of Newerth mode only.

    - Webbed Shot can now be properly toggled on or off by double-activating it.

    - Cyber Artillery's Mortar Shot will no longer cause heavy frame drops.

    Blood Hunter
    - Blood Crazy can no longer be double-activated.

    - ALPHA Bubbles' knockdown animation will now be played correctly.

    Keeper of the Forest
    - Root will no longer propagate from other ally heroes with Nature's Protection on them.

    Master of Arms
    - Activating Weapon Enhancement while casting Acid Bomb will no longer repeatedly play the cast sounds of Acid Bomb for the Master of Hearts avatar.

    - Shenlong Myrmidon will now display properly on Low Model graphic settings.

    - Master's Incantation can now be properly toggled on or off by double-activating it.
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    Disappointed on Draconis updates!!!

    Disappointed on Draconis updates!!!

    I am disappointed with the changes on Draconis. Please return the effect of Staff of the Master on 2nd skill.

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