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    [QUESTION] Has anyone seen a Succubus doing Annihilation?

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    [QUESTION] Has anyone seen a Succubus doing Annihilation?

    This made my mind screw me up last night. Couldnt sleep thinking "Can the Succubus kill all Five Enemy heroes all by herself?" [ for those thinking, I'm talking about a 5v5 game with succubus doing Annihilation, meaning she had helped with her teammates, so dont screw with me! ] I mean come-on!
    I saw once someone doing Annihilation with Nymphora and Tempest, those two are like Two of the Best Supportive heroes in HoN! Succubus' is like, killer/early game/ semi-support/ initiator , really?, she has like a skill that CD's after 20~15 seconds, and still I havent seen any succubus doing an Annihilation. . . . . . .

    Just to make this Short and Point out what I'm talking about.
    Has anyone seen Succubus do an annihilation?????
    She's like Hellbourne/seed of evil team/the opposite team of Newerth/Bad guys Club/Team Lemons, ETC. Get my point here?
    How can anyone think about this!!!!!!!
    *Rush!!!! Cant sleep..... So need Pills for this. . . . .*

    I'm not raging about this, Im just too tired to think about this, so for those that love Succubus and Feel offended by this, Im saying SORRY! in advance. Thank you!
    Also, Just to make this clear, Im not on DRUGS, nor am I a Crazy person that thinks Burgers can tell the Future. . . .
    "Temptation is not a sin, but an invitation to commit sin"

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    lol thread tagged with crazy person=o
    on topic she is essentially atropos, whos main function is not to kill but just to mass disable the opposition so his team can clear up.
    so it should be rare for succubus to get an annihilation.
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    Rep me if I helped

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