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    Server Maintenance

    Server Maintenance

    Recently i've frequently face this issue.
    After a several game(HON), I'll automatic disconnected from game by then show a crash report.
    After that i cant start game in HON anymore, show that server maintenance but my friends can login and play.
    thanks for the solution you can advice

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    me too!what happen?cannot playing lah!!!zzzz

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    Part 2 of server migration.


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    sure?why do u know?How long will it taketo get intothegame??

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    why always got maintenance?

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    me too.. cant connect to HON.. <SERVER MAINTENANCE>
    just a minute ago i can still log in but can't join any game so i downloaded a new version of garena + then now it says <SERVER MAINTENANCE>

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    I have no idea how long it'l take.


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    Everyday Maintenance..

    Everyday Maintenance..

    why always got server maintenance...

    and many people dont know what is the reason why..

    i would like to know what is happening in HON...

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    zzz,where HON gm?PLS To give an explanation

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    I cant play HON on today. Why This few days always maintenance? But my friend still can login and play.

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    Servers up


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    always server maintenance! ! cant play!!!

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    server maintenance

    server maintenance

    i cant play hon today...please help me...GM can you help me???

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    i want to play hon

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    Quote Originally Posted by akunoob18 View Post
    i cant play hon today...please help me...GM can you help me???
    Dear valued customer,

    We are aware of the issue and currently doing server maintenance.

    we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

    Garena customer service Team

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    server maintenance sucks

    server maintenance sucks

    almost everytime i want to play hon,it come out server maintenance.Why have server maintenance?how to get rid of it?it is so damn ****ing annoying
    GM help lah

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    same here so angry

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    Cant join game !!! Whyy

    Cant join game !!! Whyy

    hon server maintenance plsss

    what happend!!!

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    Please be informed that there will be a server maintenance on 17th July 2012, at 2330 hours (GMT+8), game service will not be available.
    Players are advised to logout before this time.
    This migration is projected to be completed by 18th July 2012, at 0700 Hours (GMT+8), where the game client patch will start from 0700 Hours (GMT+8) to 0959 hours (GMT+8).
    To know more about V2.6.10 patch, please click here.
    *Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*

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    Question answered,closed

    Forum Moderators are not Garena employees. My posts in no way represent the view of Garena or any of its staff.

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